first sketches

this is my painting table cluttered of course with paraphernalia. I thought I would start sketching inside, it is cold and unfriendly outdoors.

moved on into the kitchen. The other problem with sketching this time of year is that it is always dark when I am home. Still the pitcher plant looks nice even without much light.

I am going to go on about the cold, I have taken to sitting on an electric blanket which helps a lot but makes me feel slightly silly.

on the weekend I finally did venture outside after archery practice. Settled down to sketch some fishing boats. With my luck 5 minutes later the fishermen arrived, turned on the stereo in one of their cars full blast and started to get ready to go out to lay down some nets.

One thought on “first sketches

  1. When the Cat is away, the mouse takes her sketching gear and goes out to play, eh?
    Underfloor heating came and went in Melbourne in the seventies. Although vry effective, it was too expensive !!!

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