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new summer hat

new red hat

picked up an oversized lady’s visor from a Chinese shop in Leonidion. As it was baby pink it needed some of my colour touch and alterations to the back. Textile colours, earring based on Rosemary’s underwater painting and my new red linen dress brought back from China.

new red hat detail

perfect use now for the red hairpin to hold it in place by custom buttonholes.

more sketches for ears

I had almost given up with the epoxy on paper earrings, mainly because it is so messy to work with and takes forever to dry and also because the resulting surfaces are just too shiny and perfect. Then I found an brilliant “how to”  video by this artist and was enthused. Thank you Ross Barbera. This is just the kind of method I like working with. Here are the first four pairs I made. They might be a bit large in size but I have a lot of ideas to do more.


sketches for ears

for the last week I have been experimenting with epoxy and a stuff called oogoo which I found on the net. The oogoo products are not ready to be shown, I am still fiddling with it but here are some results from the epoxy experiments done on discarded sketches and on print offs on paper. Unfortunately we have had 35+ degrees for the whole week so it would settle much too quickly. Still here they are.