rosenmontag sketching

princess on the pea

I have tried to use a nut brown ink in my rotring artpen because I did not like the strong outlines of the black and the fact that it would wash into the colour. This ink is perfect, once it is on the paper it is waterproof.

more of the living room, watching on TV the Rosenmontag carnival live. Reminds me of my childhood, I always watched it then.

more, never getting up from my chair, morning coffee still there. Dining table cluttered as always, maybe a bit more so today.

One thought on “rosenmontag sketching

  1. Liebste Marianne, ganz ganz tolle Arbeiten sind das, mit viel Entwicklung in der Zwischenzeit…….
    Ich bin froh das zu sehen !!!

    Liebe Kuesse.


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