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new phonecase

since Windows has decided in 2016 to stop supporting 8.1 mobile and has stopped mobile phones altogether with support for 10 mobile ending 2019 I splashed out on a used last model Lumia 950. It’s not as good as my lovely 1020, but apps are dying on me, so to be prepared a new case had to be made. This time with driftwood gathered years ago and some pencil laminate left over from the ring project.


oscarsalad grey butterfly frankosyka grasshopperonflower

still getting to grips with the new camera, so I am photographing things seen in my gardens.

dressing the smart phone

I have been playing with smart phone covers for a while now but have not made anything that was “serious” enough. On the occasion of Ed’s birthday I made this one out of marine plywood and leather (both picked up at cut-offs sales) together with a silicon sleeve off the rack.