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new improvements


finally I have succumbed and had some varifocal glasses made and bout a pair of clip on sunshades for them. The scope for upgrade is big, so I started with the sunshades, using Japanese origami paper on top of laminated watercolor paper.


I also added some braces on the sides since the original middle clip kept coming off too easily.

Next step is to improve the glasses themselves…

more beaches


another lovely day on the beach in Karystos with friends.


sketch leonidion view

went to stay with my friend in Leonidion for 3 days and apart from having a great time got inspired to sketch again. Here the view of her upstairs window.

sketch leonidion rosemary

the red rock in the first sketch is becoming a magnet for rock climbers, this cafe is run by the local rock climbing cooperative, humming with energy.

sketch leonidion kayak

energy which had to be channeled, me into sketching and my friend into a round of Plaka bay with her new kayak.

sketch leonidion oldmen

the old men’s table under an overloaded orange tree in the village square with ever changing occupation, I was lucky for these 3 to sit long enough for a quick sketch.

sketch leonidion takis

lunch on the beach in Poulithra and a rest (and a very small sketch).

almost spring


a little sketch, Ed on the terrace in Karystos.


another installment on the feet portrait series, with spring flowers.

first days of winter

Friday coffee after another session of bureaucracy downtown. One can still sit outside but by now a coat is necessary. These two men were discussing cooking, sushi and restaurants which made good listening while sketching.

At home for the first time this winter the regular cat grilling and woolly socks scene. And no, we only have two cats still but one of them moved while I was drawing so I had to make it three….

37th international sketch crawl 13.10.12

I did it, managed my second sketch crawl ever, the first one being the one in Lisbon with the USK symposium. And I talked my artist friend Rosemary into coming along (this is not her sketching period of life). We had a nice time in the almost summery sun in Leonidion, starting of at her local church and making our way to the inevitable kafeneion…


that’s Rosemary