found some pieces of extremely hard driftwood on the beach some time ago and wanted to see what’s inside when attacked with my mini tools,


dragon ring that could probably be improved on with the next attempt.

flip-up-cycle shades

flip upcycle

my last clip on sunshades broke finally so I ordered new ones, this time wiser to get them with a flip up mechanism. (that’s how the old ones broke, taking them off every time I went indoors). After the receipt of my order (top) some up-cycling was necessary using watercolor paper and japanese origami paper. Method as always as seen in Ross Barberas’ blog and videos.

2018 rock weighing

Xaver left brand-new at 9.2gr October 2017 and today at 60gr.

Gustaf 12.4gr brand-new in October 2016, 42gr in 2017 and today 102.2gr and outgrowing the weighing spoon.

dragon history

via Studio for WP app.

sorry about the restauration, mistake was picked up by Ed 😎 

just found the first sketch of the dragon after buying it in Miami in May 2011. With a bit of upcycling things do last.