sketch leonidion view

went to stay with my friend in Leonidion for 3 days and apart from having a great time got inspired to sketch again. Here the view of her upstairs window.

sketch leonidion rosemary

the red rock in the first sketch is becoming a magnet for rock climbers, this cafe is run by the local rock climbing cooperative, humming with energy.

sketch leonidion kayak

energy which had to be channeled, me into sketching and my friend into a round of Plaka bay with her new kayak.

sketch leonidion oldmen

the old men’s table under an overloaded orange tree in the village square with ever changing occupation, I was lucky for these 3 to sit long enough for a quick sketch.

sketch leonidion takis

lunch on the beach in Poulithra and a rest (and a very small sketch).

sketching again

inspired to sketching after a long time by my friend in Leonidion, on the beach in the sun, perfect.

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more gif experiments


some sketches I made of Ed flying (or rather of going to fly just to realize that conditions were not right) turned into a little gif story.



I joined my friend Rosemary with her last exhibition of Marine life paintings in Leonidion. We had a lot of fun and heard some good music too for the 4 days of the aubergine festival all over town.


did not do as many sketches as hoped for….. just these two.


workshop in napoli III

napoli portrait007

first time I tried my hand at portraits (apart from my pencil and feet ones) at the last day of the workshop portrait-party.

napoli portrait006

Birgit from Germany

napoli portrait005

and Lapin.

For more sketches and photos of the workshop see:

workshop in napoli II

napoli riot001

Riot studios our workshop meeting point with its hidden garden. The perspective went askew a bit.

napoli jazz001

Jazz concert in ZLT seen from the balcony.

napoli garden002

actually the room was a lot darker than this. Garden house in Vivaio Calvanese.

more from the workshop to come soon…..