fuss portraits (3)

my strawberries have been producing fruit all through the winter, global warming or just a strange breed? however I painted them including my new gardening shovel and secateurs my mother gave me for Christmas.

Lately I have been following the “urbansketchers” (see blogroll) and am of course green with envy at their skills. I have decided that with practice I could do some fair sketches too. So here my first try, the strawberries as a 10min sketch.

3 thoughts on “fuss portraits (3)

  1. Hello M.! This is so well done and your color palette has changed here. Still colorful and vibrant but toned down. Out of curiosity, is this ink with markers? Have you done any further chromatic changes to the original after the scanning? Thanks for the sketchers link.

    1. Hi Ion, thank you for your kind comment. The second one is ink (rotring artpen remember we discussed it) and watercolours. See you at the next concert I suppose.

  2. Thanks Uebero! I think watercolours suit you very well. I hope you publish more of this type in the future , I’d be very interested to see .
    I’m very much into all types of painting medium this period, experimenting
    with anything from Winsor & Newton oils and acrylics to pastels, Staedtler’s amazing watercolour pencils and Faber-Castell polychromos pencils so my interest is more than academic here. Yes, we talk soon.

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