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happy birthday ed

sailing is the new flying…..

new summer hat

new red hat

picked up an oversized lady’s visor from a Chinese shop in Leonidion. As it was baby pink it needed some of my colour touch and alterations to the back. Textile colours, earring based on Rosemary’s underwater painting and my new red linen dress brought back from China.

new red hat detail

perfect use now for the red hairpin to hold it in place by custom buttonholes.

visit to the market


visit to my favorite stall in the zhan lan guan and clothes supply for the next few years.

market find


can you guess what these are?

dressing the smart phone

I have been playing with smart phone covers for a while now but have not made anything that was “serious” enough. On the occasion of Ed’s birthday I made this one out of marine plywood and leather (both picked up at cut-offs sales) together with a silicon sleeve off the rack.