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solar soulmate


in a grocery shop window in Ferndale CA I found a fellow collector of solar moving figures, none of them the same as mine.


california gifs


california dreaming…..


funny waterfountain somewhere in the SF bay.

new summer hat

new red hat

picked up an oversized lady’s visor from a Chinese shop in Leonidion. As it was baby pink it needed some of my colour touch and alterations to the back. Textile colours, earring based on Rosemary’s underwater painting and my new red linen dress brought back from China.

new red hat detail

perfect use now for the red hairpin to hold it in place by custom buttonholes.

red yellow green


my idea of a successful interior design. Beijing opera guild hall.

rooster to order


I hope this will meet requirements for the year of the rooster.

red and colour


to the stationary market today where part of the ground floor now has a nuts&drinks section.


lovely smells.


and great colours.