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autumn sketch


the paper has been waiting for 5 years to get used for sketching. Evening view as autumn has arrived and evening life moved indoors,

pond-filter upgrade



Since my 4 Goldfish decided to multiply several times this summer my biological trickle filter (made in 2012) ended up being much too small in volume and too hard to clean. So here’s the new one with 4 cutlery drainers stacked containing various biological filter materials (lava stones, perlite, ceramic tubes and Zeolite at the bottom), housed in a flowerpot and exit with a shower drain. All still working with the original solar pump system. Still working on a lid (instead of the splash hood from the kitchen).

rockpool life


watching life in a rock pool next to the beach. The crab is actually under water but the pool was so clear it doesn’t show. Sorry about the shaking, that was me free hand.

the silk scarf problem



prototype of a root-driftwood-epoxy-resin cast to get large slippery scarves to stay the way I tied them (rather than sliding down my back) silk scarf designed by my friend Ardanoush



found some pieces of extremely hard driftwood on the beach some time ago and wanted to see what’s inside when attacked with my mini tools,


dragon ring that could probably be improved on with the next attempt.

flip-up-cycle shades

flip upcycle

my last clip on sunshades broke finally so I ordered new ones, this time wiser to get them with a flip up mechanism. (that’s how the old ones broke, taking them off every time I went indoors). After the receipt of my order (top) some up-cycling was necessary using watercolor paper and japanese origami paper. Method as always as seen in Ross Barberas’ blog and videos.