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solar soulmate


in a grocery shop window in Ferndale CA I found a fellow collector of solar moving figures, none of them the same as mine.


solarflowers in the north


same concept, move your panel with the sun for maximum efficiency, although, what took us so long?



the solar butterfly I brought from China has finally packed up so I decided to make a new bigger one using recycled stuff from my drawers. One solar panel salvaged from the rubbish, motor and and wheels from an old cassette recorder, butterflies bought in bulk in China and an old trophy from my bowling club days. New are the guitar string and a reostat to tune down the voltage of the panel to get the right frequency.

winter solar array


in these cold winter days the sun on my south facing window is still driving all sorts of organic and non organic devices.

If you want to see some really useful solar devices, have a look at my friend Andreas’ site.