easter in leonidion

yes I know, Easter was some time ago, but somehow time caught up on me and I did not get any further than thinking about what to post here. These photos were taken of the launching of the traditional hot air balloons, typical only in this one village. Tricky to take pictures of moving targets with only the light of the fires. Unfortunately the photographs can not show the sound of the fire crackers and dynamite going off to round off the scene.

all this is taking place at midnight on Easter night while just behind me the Easter candles were lit in the church.

we were staying with our friends in their traditional Leonidion house, enjoying the holiday in this great environment.

taking photographs contre jour is something I tried to solve with lots of photo editing but the range is still very short of one can actually see of this wonderful house.

renovated and furnished lovingly and to great effect.

with a perfect sense for the importance of colour.

One thought on “easter in leonidion

  1. Back to Asia I loved these beautiful impressions! Great work Marianne!
    Love Caspar

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