the silk scarf problem



prototype of a root-driftwood-epoxy-resin cast to get large slippery scarves to stay the way I tied them (rather than sliding down my back) silk scarf designed by my friend Ardanoush

birthday undercut


for my birthday a bigger undercut dyed green by Ed.

lino on linen


so finally renovated the bathroom (see amazing tiles), used demolished Bathtub as new goldfish pond (pictures will come later when the plants look presentable), meantime discovered linen as best to wear in the heat bought a dress at L**l in plain white so dug out my 50 year old Lino cut set and combined all. The white still bothers me a bit but I think it is better now.

new summer hat

new red hat

picked up an oversized lady’s visor from a Chinese shop in Leonidion. As it was baby pink it needed some of my colour touch and alterations to the back. Textile colours, earring based on Rosemary’s underwater painting and my new red linen dress brought back from China.

new red hat detail

perfect use now for the red hairpin to hold it in place by custom buttonholes.

red green yellow


another Buddhist temple, some different lanterns.

red red red


Huangsi Market & temple fair, fun and food and lots of colour.