My friend Rosemary gave me a white bed side table which was screaming  for some colour. Although it has been years since I have used acrilic paints it was a lot of fun to get into again. Here is the result. The finishing gold was sprayed on through some lace left overs.

even the gold on gold on the side worked to leave a trace of lace pattern.

3 thoughts on “nachttischchen

  1. That is sooo beautiful, so unique and soo Chinese at the same time. How much work you spent for this….
    See you soon after getting rid of being “airport vulcano dust grounded”……
    Hugs Caspar

  2. Ditto on Caspar’s remarks. Lucky I came here to comment because my email notification only showed the top picture. I would have missed the side/back view. Even more impressive. I shall remember to always visit and not count on the email.
    Love ……. Elaine

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