short trip to Madrid

a week ago we went for a short trip to Madrid, just 3 days but I did get to see a lot and was impressed by this nice city.

a lot of granite everywhere, a bit harsh and cold but easy to liven up as here.

Reine Sophia, a very modern museum with many treasures.  Finally saw Guernica in the original.

saw the obligatory flamenco show.

took a long walk in the Retiro park and saw this glasshouse.

the most amazing part last, a wonderful train station including a palm garden and a turtle pond.

obviously I could not get enough of them.

2 thoughts on “short trip to Madrid

  1. So, Madrid is still doing the Don Quixote thing. I still have my gold on black linocuts. magnificent.

    Loved the glass house and the turtles of course.

  2. Glad to see you liked Madrid M.!
    Was Guernica still surrounded by a crowd of Japanese tourists with cameras?
    Most interesting painting in Reine Sophia for me was Dali’s “Muchacha en la Ventana” (“girl at the window”).

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