spring garden

spring garden

finally all my growing-seeds-efforts since January in the hope of bringing spring a little closer are being rewarded. There are lots of Zucchini, strawberries, cucumbers, rocca, coriander, tomatoes, and pepper as well as various flowers. The Marmalade oranges have been put into jars already and new ones are growing.

Getting the picture taken with my new windows 8 phone has been more stressful, finally there is no way to blog a picture directly from the phone. Of course I will keep trying.

2 thoughts on “spring garden

  1. Beautiful and rich in colours…. My Nokia Lumia 730 allows to share directly via ‘publish to web’. Filia. Caspar

    1. Danke Caspar, ich habe es geschafft, mit einem neuen WP app und meinem neuen Lumia 1020, hat nur etwas gedauert, wie alles mit MS. Filakia

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