easter in karystos

we spent easter in Karystos on our own this year, which was just as well since the weather was so cold and windy we ended up spending most of our time inside. Down in the village the wind was a bit less so I managed to do some sketching, here is the square with the town hall in the background and Easter decoration on a light pole in the village square.

I could not resist the small luna park next to the kiosk on the square.

behind me is the harbour with some fairly serious fishing boats. The egyptian crew was loading the nets back onto one of them, the Archontas.

I found a sheltered spot on a bench in the yard of the village museum and did a two page spread showing all the exhibits there, columns from the local quarry which stopped production in about 400 A.C., a styli and the steam roller made in England about 1910.  To the right is the Frankish defence tower. The Uebero is featured prominently in the background.

meantime at the house sketching was limited to inside huddled around the stove.

for easter lunch we were invited to our neighbours sheep farm, due to the weather there things were strictly happening inside. I sketched the lunch table after everybody had eaten and some dancing started.

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