2 thoughts on “taxi queue

  1. Another great one, lovely use of colour! This fast way of working (using ink and watercolours) really suits you and your subject selection so well, it’s obvious.
    Personally, what I’d be curious to see is how your style adapts to a sketch with very straight ink defining lines, a solid base leaving the random element to the colour alone. Maybe it works, maybe not.

    1. thank you Ion, that is exactly what I am trying to do or rather where I am trying to get to. This sketch mania is a very recent thing and there is so much to learn which makes it interesting. I find the lines too squiggely too, but as I don’t use pencil at all it shows how I am searching for that one line. I have signed up for the Urbansketchers symposium in Lisbon this July (see my links) where I am hoping to pick up some more hints, and of I try to do a sketch a day to get more practice.

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