trade union assembly

trade union assembly today in the cantine and I didn’t bring my sketch book. Did have with me though my fountain pen and pencil and a children’s set of crayons. So here is my point of view on the menu.

scenes from work

lunch break sketch. Only while sketching did I realize how funny it is to have a nude smiling man standing at the departures curbside. If you look closely you can see me in the reflection of the windows.

having a drink after work on Friday afternoon with colleagues.

scenes at work

installation of 4 LED street lights as a trial, sketched during a small break and walk around our building.

between jobs at the Terminal, the flower shop, although the kitsch outweighs by far the actual flowers, still extremely colourful is not bad.

taxi queue

looking for some colour on a rainy day I found the taxi queue. Everybody dressed in black as ususal but somebody had actually decided to carry a red suitcase.

breaks at work

Noodler’s blue black contract ink in my Pilot and lunch breaks must be used to sketch. Apron and in a landside core looking at the trainstation and hotel.