painting portraits

workshop in napoli III

napoli portrait007

first time I tried my hand at portraits (apart from my pencil and feet ones) at the last day of the workshop portrait-party.

napoli portrait006

Birgit from Germany

napoli portrait005

and Lapin.

For more sketches and photos of the workshop see:

almost spring


a little sketch, Ed on the terrace in Karystos.


another installment on the feet portrait series, with spring flowers.


found this children’s deck chair in the rubbish with just a screw missing, repaired it and thought I’d get our two cats to sit in it – permanently. Textile paints on canvas.

fritz meets crocs

depression over the country’s problems have overwhelmed me lately and the energy to sketch just was not there. We are all sitting like rabbits in the glare of headlights at night, stunned and waiting to get run over. However my goldfish Fritz is not worried even when meeting the Croc’s including dragon.

dedicated to my painter friend and her coming up exhibition of underwater life.

fuss portrait (4)

feet in july

could not decide which plastic summer shoe to wear, so wore both.

fuss portraits (3)

my strawberries have been producing fruit all through the winter, global warming or just a strange breed? however I painted them including my new gardening shovel and secateurs my mother gave me for Christmas.

Lately I have been following the “urbansketchers” (see blogroll) and am of course green with envy at their skills. I have decided that with practice I could do some fair sketches too. So here my first try, the strawberries as a 10min sketch.