dishcloth fashion

Picked up 6×1€ dishcloths at the farmer’s market last week because I was thrilled with the colours. I upcycled them together with my trusted lockdow-walks-with-big-pockets-waistcoat since that is what is needed again now and instead of drab blue-gray now it’s high-visibility.

3 thoughts on “dishcloth fashion

  1. You are really something else!!!
    Something else in deed!!!
    Unbelievable and unbeatable!!!

    >>> If you make a YouTube channel presenting your enormous creativity, you could earn from ads a new boat for Ed … 😉

  2. Cool!! Like the yellow and funky backgrounds too. Is that for real or “Photoshopped “. The yellow backgrounds looks to be the real thing what with the shadows an’ all! Or are you just a super techie ??????

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