year of the rooster


it seems that wordpress works now. My little trip to China for the new year. Greetings from Shenyang (again)

spoonful of life


we have a new rock in the house, all of 12.4 grams.

ski excursion


our second ski this year, and the first for me after a very long break on top of Kellaria, Parnassos.


working on a design for the newly painted Libero. Has to be a dragon of course for good luck in the new year.

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winter preparations


because my friend is pulling the sun down-under way, I am preparing for winter, pool deflated and packed away and a new winter residence constructed for Max. Here he is after a first inspection, hopefully another satisfied client.

close up

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these days I see a lot of praying mantis around, this one sat on the wall underneath a terrace light.