dragon history

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sorry about the restauration, mistake was picked up by Ed 😎 

just found the first sketch of the dragon after buying it in Miami in May 2011. With a bit of upcycling things do last. 

dragon restoration

My dragon had it’s head chewed off by a puppy ages ago. Finally I got around to restoring it and improving it (I think) with Sugru. With the leftovers I stuck a button to a rubber duck and they all ended up in the pool…

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colour coordination

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Colour, patterns, style all perfectly coordinated this morning at the pond.

year of the rooster


it seems that wordpress works now. My little trip to China for the new year. Greetings from Shenyang (again)

spoonful of life


we have a new rock in the house, all of 12.4 grams.

ski excursion


our second ski this year, and the first for me after a very long break on top of Kellaria, Parnassos.