4 thoughts on “yellow boat

    1. It’s not a kaiki, despite the groovy colors, it’s just that the mast didn’t fit into the page. I found it online and to be precise it’s a British built sailing boat:
      Tiki is a Tahitiana 32 (Colin Archer Design) Sailingvessel. She was built 1986 as a steelboat, longkeel in the R. Tilloston shipyard in Ilkley, Yorkshire (GB)

  1. It’s a Tahitiana32, built from steel and wood 1986 in Yorkshire. It’s a very classic Colin Archer Design for high seas rescue boats in Finland. Owned by us, Astrid &Eric, an Austrian couple living on board with 2 cats since October 2017.
    We have seen you drawing her, but when. I wanted to come over, you where gone. Maybe you want to say hello sometimes, we will stay for a few more weeks.

    Absolutely love your drawing. More details about us and the boat can be found on our blog http://www.sailing-tiki.at/en in english and german language. Follow our journey to, well, who knows, the Caribbean or maybe even to the South Pacific.

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