yellow boat


I have wanting to do a sailing boat for some time but most of them are utterly unsketchable with their smooth lines, white color and maybe a little dark blue. This one in Karystos harbor is different, colorful and messy, just the way I like it.

4 thoughts on “yellow boat

    1. It’s not a kaiki, despite the groovy colors, it’s just that the mast didn’t fit into the page. I found it online and to be precise it’s a British built sailing boat:
      Tiki is a Tahitiana 32 (Colin Archer Design) Sailingvessel. She was built 1986 as a steelboat, longkeel in the R. Tilloston shipyard in Ilkley, Yorkshire (GB)

  1. It’s a Tahitiana32, built from steel and wood 1986 in Yorkshire. It’s a very classic Colin Archer Design for high seas rescue boats in Finland. Owned by us, Astrid &Eric, an Austrian couple living on board with 2 cats since October 2017.
    We have seen you drawing her, but when. I wanted to come over, you where gone. Maybe you want to say hello sometimes, we will stay for a few more weeks.

    Absolutely love your drawing. More details about us and the boat can be found on our blog in english and german language. Follow our journey to, well, who knows, the Caribbean or maybe even to the South Pacific.

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