the giraffe


the fish computer table was joined by a multi use side table now called “the giraffe”.


…a place for the printer and the scanner, all plugged into a multi socket with central switch.


one bar side table made in the DDR in the 50′ picked up on my very first job in 1985 and waiting for up-cycling since then.

papers picked up in the last few years, Japanese paper (expensive), William Morris sample papers from England, hand printed Origami papers from Italy and the Giraffe decoupage paper also from England. All protected by about 8 layers of water based floor varnish.

Magnet paint for the pin board at the back.

one aluminum vase cut into rings to hold the new wheels in place since the original brass foot covers were lost save one.

new lamp from a shortbread tin picked up when ? where? and rewiring the whole neck including a new switch.


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