2012 digital

first sketches in 2012 and digital, done on my smart phone in England while spending a lovely christmas en famille with a little drawing app. fun, but not like pen and paper really.

A happy new year to all and may 2012 be better than 2011 and if not, I hope we will at least have learned to deal with the crisis in a more creative way.

2 thoughts on “2012 digital

  1. These are very nice M. I can’t really tell how much is you and how much is the paint application in the sense there’s a vector net covering all areas of the work which would be impossible to be done by hand especially (on a smartphone), but it does give a very interesting texture and quality to the final result and of course the selection of colours which is undoubtely brilliant! Well done!

    1. happy new year Janni, sorry to have missed you at the last concert. I agree the random element with this application is too big for my taste. Nevertheless i just had to try it as first time user of a smartphone.

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