urbansketchers symposium lisbon

Rosemary and I went to Lisbon for the 3 day Urbansketchers Symposium full of anticipation and it was even better than what we had hoped for. We met great sketchers, had wonderful teachers, saw through sketcher’s eyes a beautiful city and were inspired by all the sketch books we could have a look at. Above Rosemary sketching in the “Unfinished Business” workshop.

more sketches from “Unfinished Business” on the square right next to our hotel.

another square, another workshop “urban ethnography” featuring mostly cars and traffic.

the results of the workshop “Movement” will hopefully show over time, here is just the warming up exercise.

the great fireworks at the end, the 32nd worldwide Sketchcrawl with more than 200 sketchers at the same time on Commercial square, great.

One thought on “urbansketchers symposium lisbon

  1. Ola from Leonidion.Am now in studio and have checked out the USK site. What a lot there is to see. Have a happy wkend! xx

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