trip to england

3 days in Cheltenham visiting family and theniece and thenephew kindly invited me to come with them to the Wychwood festival. It was great in spite of the rain, the umbrellas and raincovers actually added a lot of colour.

apart from the big stage they had bands playing in the big top and another tent and a lot of stalls, activities for adults and the many children at the festival.

and at the end of the day me and all the other oldies got to cheer Ian Anderson playing his old hits still going strong and still playing the flute standing on one leg. (you can see him on stage if you look really hard)

One thought on “trip to england

  1. What a lovely day we all had with Auntie Marianne, especially at Wychwood.
    Lots of love theniece & thenephew xxx

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