getting closer


I could not resist when seeing a USB microscope at a well-known German discounter, where I had gone to buy some advertised fountain pens.

It can magnify 10x, 60x, 200x with its own lights from above, below or both. The resolution is not great but for the price it is an amazing tool. It makes it easy getting closer and discovering as yet unseen things (all just within reach on my desk)

a close look at some birthday cards

a watch and the other side of the birthday cards

2 thoughts on “getting closer

  1. I want one of these tools. Is it like a scanner? How do you use it? We could have a little game as to who chooses the most appropriate subjects.

    1. Ha. I thought you might like it, it fits in with you love for minute details.
      It looks like a microscope but all plastic and a bit chunky. Just look it up on the net under USB Microscope and there are lots from really expensive scientific ones to gadget ones like mine for 38 Euros. Basically it is a webcam but with 3 optical lenses which you rotate just like with a real microscope and LED light above and from below the carrier platform. It can also do videos, mine even came with brine shrimp eggs to cultivate and then make a video. I will keep you updated on that forthcoming exciting bit of action movie.

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