solar soulmate


in a grocery shop window in Ferndale CA I found a fellow collector of solar moving figures, none of them the same as mine.


market find


can you guess what these are?



after a year of due consideration I have decided to buy a sit-in kayak (thought about building one but it is just too difficult and the result would be too heavy and of doubtful water-tightness). The size is just right to fit into the Libero with a centimeter to spare both ends and the weight low enough to be lifted alone. Since I cannot not build something I made a pair of wheels for it to get to the water easily (and in style).


my favorite material, marine plywood oiled as basic material and a pair of light big wheels rescued from a broken garden trolley ages ago. Overall weight turned out to be only 1.7kg.


the “scissors” are held together with a bicycle clip that opens easily and the wheels can be stored behind the seat.

oh, and of course it is great fun paddling around our coast.

winter preparations II

scooter in rain

It has started to rain and a new addition to the scooter was necessary. Easy this time, the umbrella holder I installed for the sun umbrella was slightly adapted and now holds a transparent umbrella.


earphoneholder 590

so I decided that the best way to talk and listen with my phone is using headphones which I also need to use the FM-radio as aerial (so Bluetooth is not an option). After acquiring a set with no tangle band cables the next problem is what to do with the cable and earpieces when not in use…..result is another, and probably not the last extension to my phone case made from jewelry wire covered with Sugru.

another lens


all that work I did on my gifs is now being done by a lens on my new phone that actually makes gifs by itself. although I could not resist editing it a bit afterwards mainly to reduce the size, I am impressed. The subject is Max eating his daily dandelion treat.