exciting discovery

When I read an article on HDR in the “Spiegel” some time ago I wanted to start exploring immediately. Instead it was placed on the “to do” list and forgotten. The Zonebattler mentioned it again in his blog and together with my new Christmas present camera I set out to collect HDR raw material. The next step was finding a tripod that was light and small enough to always carry so as to be able to be at the ready when encountering the perfect HDR motive. Digging in our drawers I found the above, no brand, but what  a gadget. Must have been bought over 25 years ago and not used.

First I was just happy to have found a clamp, lightweight and small. But there is more to it. Remove the little screwtop and out come 3 tripod legs and a woodscrew.

which fits into a recess and can be used to fix the tripod into a tree (?). Otherwise one just has a small, very stable tripod.

Exciting isn’t it.

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