Karystos first spring-visit

the Uebero II fits in perfectly while everything is still green.  Tried polishing up the fading red on half of the front, if you look really hard you can see it.  Our road survived the winter well.

first blooms are out but this area is only perfect when the pig face, as the Australians call it, blooms.

same goes for the dry walls especially because it rained the day before and the stone still had a lot more colour than when it is dried out.

1 day’s mowing the meadow.  The colours here I could not resist.

behind the house almonds in flower and the grass greener as ever.

and then to top it all we got back to Max having woken up and needing a long drink. I suppose winter is over now.

so, next day I celebrated an early end of winter with flowers to wear.

3 thoughts on “Karystos first spring-visit

  1. Oh, Marianne, how I enjoyed this site. I loved every single photo! I just wish there was one of you!!! I’m really glad that it was mostly written in English!! I’m going to forward this to Darin, Tim, Michelle and Chuck. Keep me posted…

    Love you!!

  2. Oh, how I miss our days in Karystos.
    Still very hot here, no sign of going into autumn but plenty of reasons for going into the pool.

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