4 thoughts on “Snow on Mount Pendeli

  1. Du Suesse, das sieht richtig gut aus !!!
    Ich wollte Dich gestern noch anrufen, haette aber beinahe meinen Flug verpasst………

    Hier schneit es wie bloed und ist -10 Grad kalt. Ist aber romantisch zum Schneespazierengehen und heisse Schokolade trinken !!

    Ich ruf Dich spaeter mal an !!!

    Suesse Kuess’chen!


  2. I wonder what pen(cil) that is in the GvFC Perfect Pencil holder. The end in the Perfect Pencil seems to have a diameter similar to a pencil, but towards the other end it seems to get thicker…

    1. the pencil is actually a multi colour pencil without wood surrounding it. It was given to me by a friend who bought it for me at the new BMW museum in Munich. The reason it is so short is that it breaks very easily on impact, something I realized too late..now I have 3. It is the same diameter all the way, see also ph9to in the post further down.

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