horse baroque

saddle 5

another up-cycle baroque project. My robot horse (from the rubbish heap), 2 worn out Desigu*l bags, bits of wood and plexiglass cut off pieces, an old belt all together make up my new side table for a large portion of my painting and drawing utensils.

The saddle itself was inspired by an 18th century Japanese saddle seen on the net.

more kayak

nothing like a kayak, a swim, and a sketch in November.

kayak day

 shadows are getting longer, last days of a perfect late summer.

gustaf 1year later

gustaf 1year

Gustaf is now 1 year old (or so) and has almost quadrupled in weight. Here is the re-post of his photo last October:


grasshopper II

small animal on a table in Karystos

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