2018 rock weighing

Xaver left brand-new at 9.2gr October 2017 and today at 60gr.

Gustaf 12.4gr brand-new in October 2016, 42gr in 2017 and today 102.2gr and outgrowing the weighing spoon.

dragon history

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sorry about the restauration, mistake was picked up by Ed 😎 

just found the first sketch of the dragon after buying it in Miami in May 2011. With a bit of upcycling things do last. 

dragon restoration

My dragon had it’s head chewed off by a puppy ages ago. Finally I got around to restoring it and improving it (I think) with Sugru. With the leftovers I stuck a button to a rubber duck and they all ended up in the pool…

via Studio for WP app.

upcycling in pink


another installment of combining a simple shirt/dress from L**l with 2 20 year old mini-dresses. The dress was shortened, pockets added (I don’t know how one can have a dress without pockets?) and the belt discarded. Interesting is the material the dress is made of, called Lyocell made of wood-pulp. I might yet print the dress as well but still have to do some testing on scraps, seeing that I have never used it before.

Bought the dress while my water-lilies were in bloom, so maybe was influenced there.