xaver new

fixing the bumper on my Libero in front of our house, this was sitting in the middle of the road. Underweight for a first year baby at the beginning of winter we took it in to join Gustaf and hopefully gain some weight soon. My mother suggested to name him Xaver, good name for a tortoise I think.



the solar butterfly I brought from China has finally packed up so I decided to make a new bigger one using recycled stuff from my drawers. One solar panel salvaged from the rubbish, motor and and wheels from an old cassette recorder, butterflies bought in bulk in China and an old trophy from my bowling club days. New are the guitar string and a reostat to tune down the voltage of the panel to get the right frequency.



when it is very hot, making small things is easiest. A few earrings made on a hot afternoon.

paper and a fishing floater



paper and lace


plastic dowels and paper clips





tripod to umbrella


today I wanted to take a timer photo of the newest development of our electric scooter – my Chinese sun umbrella. The problem was that first I had to add a thread to the Lumia case to take a tripod. Fortunately I found a capped nut of the right size and tread and epoxied it in. So now I can use any tripod with the smartphone, here in the picture my favorite “antique” multi-tripod.

scooter with umbrella

This is the photo then taken using the tripod.

I have already taken the umbrella on a trip into town and it works really well, keeping my head cool, and because it is very light does not influence the balance of the scooter. It is still fully fold-able and can be carried easily in the scooter bag.

libero reconditioned motor & horse

liberohorse side

almost 2 months without my most perfect of cars due to it having its engine rebuild with new parts. Now we are on the road again and happy. Meantime I picked up a horse from the rubbish and on close examination it turns out to be an interactive little robot missing only the battery pack. So battery pack made and installed it now lives in the Libero and they are a perfect match.

liberohorse back

just had to show you a bit of what it can do, although since there is no sound in the gif you will have to imagine it.